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Level System

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Here at Academy Swim Club, we have carefully divided skills into a total of 10 Levels, not counting our Parent-N-Me Level. One of the reasons there are a whopping 10 Levels, is so that children are able to attain skills and be rewarded quicker. Rewarding a child for their hard work is very important and pushes them to only do better. Your child will be assessed at one of these levels during their FREE Assessment Lesson.

All of our swim levels, from Starfish (Level 1) through Dolfun (Level 10), are posted on our waiting room wall, along with the skills learned at each level.  Private lessons loosely follow this agenda with the flexibility of forging ahead on individual strengths.  Groups are coordinated according to ability, not by age.  Because of this, we graduate children from one level to the next as soon as they have mastered all of the skills of the level with confidence.  Although parents can become very anxious for their children to quickly move up to the next level, doing so too early can result in anxiety and lack of confidence when a child is placed in a class before he/she is ready.  

As a complete water safety program, we begin teaching students at any beginner level and eventually teach them to proficiently swim the four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly) as well as several additional strokes (sidestroke, elementary backstroke). We also teach floating in all positions, treading water, competitive starts, flip turns, diving to the bottom of the pool and safety skills. 

Upon graduation from each level, your child will receive a charm, and then be able to choose a gift out of our Treasure Chest.  Group lesson students must then reschedule lessons at the next level.