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Why We Have Makeup Fees

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We know that make up lessons are usually automatic and easy to schedule in most child activities.  Swimming is quite different, mainly because our group class sizes are limited in number for safety, & scheduling twice for 25% of our private lessons is cost prohibitive.  We are currently in the minority of swim schools across the country that offer make up lessons, and we are proud that we do!  However, when we set our price point for lessons, we take into account make ups, guarantees and lessons, as well as many other costs not associated with typical child activities, like heating the pool, chlorine and water costs, higher insurance, etc.  If we schedule unlimited make up lessons or refunded for make up lessons, our lessons would need to be priced higher than they are, and we decided not to do that.   For lessons, especially private lessons, we have to pay your teacher to be there during your lesson, even when you don’t come.  When lessons are cancelled after the 24 hour mark, it becomes nearly impossible to fill with another make up lesson, thus, necessitating the small fee to reschedule.  We have become more lenient over the years, allowing make ups to not expire until lessons are terminated (your last paid lesson), but please don’t allow this to encourage you to pile up on your make up lessons.  We have seen several families do this, only to get stuck and not be able to use them before the end of their lessons.  Also, we encourage you to use them as soon as possible so that your child doesn’t fall behind with irregular lessons.  Once per week is barely enough time to learn a new skill, especially if students don’t practice between lessons.  Scheduling two lessons in one week, and even with an unfamiliar instructor, can be really beneficial for skill progress as well!  We hope this helps you understand our make up policies.