Parent-N-Me Baby Swim

Most babies love water, sometimes as much as their parents.  This is the optimal combination in any program for very happy babies.  Our program not only teaches your baby safety skills, and to love and respect the water, it teaches YOU how to teach your baby to swim allowing you both to bond, have fun, and most importantly, learn about water safety.

All classes include babies from 2 weeks to 35 months of age (Wait, what!? Can Infants really swim?). Each class begins with a review of previous class skills. We then teach 2-3 skills each lesson toward your baby being able to jump (or fall) into the pool and then swim, get themselves out of the water, or come up to a back float. We also teach the motions of rolling over to a back float whenever panic sets in. 

Enrolling in our Baby Swim class is a minimum 16 lesson booking – 8 Intro to Baby Swim classes, followed by 8 Baby Swim classes, each being 30 minutes long.  Additional classes in Baby Swim are encouraged but completely optional.

Intro to Baby Swim 

Intro to Baby Swim is completed in 1 month with 8 lessons (30 min each), two times per week.  Babies learn by rote, needing lots of repetition and reinforcement for skills to be acquired.  After Intro to Baby Swim graduation, you continue on into Baby Swim classes once, or twice, per week – whichever you prefer.  Intro to Baby Swim and Baby Swim classes are the same price.  Baby Swim classes can then be continued on a monthly basis. See Baby Swim for more information.

Intro to Baby Swim class selections:

Tuesdays & Thursdays  11:05 AM
Tuesdays & Thursdays  6:30 PM

2024 Intro to Baby Swim Start Dates:

Jan. 9th; Feb. 6th; Mar. 5th; Apr. 2nd; Apr. 30th;
May 28th; June 25th; July 25th; Aug. 22nd; Sept. 19th;
Oct. 17th; Nov. 19th

Baby Swim

Baby Swim is our Advanced Class for Infants.  However, this does not mean that the babies are more advanced.  This means that the parents who go into the water with their babies have already learned the skills to teach their babies with our methods and philosophy behind them.  This class reinforces skills learned in Intro to Baby Swim, with some new skills and developmentally challenging activities.  We also help troubleshoot individual differences in skill acquisition, and we combine activities to increase the challenge with your advancing baby.

We recommend once or twice a week, along with some practice each week in the bathtub, a jacuzzi, or during our Open Swim times, which are free to all current students.

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For more information on our Parent-N-Me Program, explore our Knowledge Base for articles like What To Expect & What Not To Expect.

Two reusable swim diapers are mandatory.

For more diaper information, click HERE.

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If you have any questions, please email info@swim4life.com.

Water Babies are Advanced!

A study conducted from 2009 – 2012, found that babies and toddlers who participated in Swim Lessons are hitting milestones ahead of schedule and before their non-swimming peers.  The swimmers not only excel in physical activities, but also in areas of cognitive and language development…

Early Years Swim Study by Griffith Education 

Start our Parent-n-Me Baby Swim Class today! Babies are able to start swimming as young as 2 weeks old.
Great instructors, great classes! We have been taking our 8 month old for the baby swim classes for a couple of months now and love it. Highly recommend.
- Rochelle N.



If you are not satisfied with the quality of any lesson, let us know that day and we will give you another lesson, FREE!