The Magic of Water for Babies and their Daddies

Date:  Jun 08-2007

            We all know that babies need stimulation, but too much stimulation can be very harmful in several ways. Babies easily suffer from sensory overload, including what they see, hear, and feel. They react by crying. Much of what we experience in our daily lives would result in sensory overload for our babies. When babies are continually overwhelmed, the reaction is stress, and they learn to accommodate stress by being hyper vigilant in their environment. This may later lead to difficulties with focusing, attention, and the ability to calm and soothe oneself.
            Water is magical for babies, in the attraction and composition. An unforgettable ad, several years ago, stated: Nine out of ten children will walk right through a puddle of water; the tenth will sit in it! Its fluid motion, buoyancy, and grace will hold a child spellbound for hours. It is the only substance that we both play in and ingest!
            Learning about ones limitations and abilities in water is a lifesaving skill no toddler should be without. In fact, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children under 3 in the state of California.   Learning to swim with Daddy (or Mommy) is a life saving skill every child should be given.
            And there’s more magic for Daddies and their babies! Increased bonding occurs with skin to skin contact. Moms usually get plenty of this, but Dads don’t typically have as many opportunities. In swim classes, there is an abundance of contact, cuddles, praise, and uninterrupted bonding. The response, and joy in the faces of both babies and dads is… like MAGIC!