Learn to Swim. . . for LIFE! Because We Don’t Learn by Accident

Date:  Jun 22-2007

           During a 5th grade, end of year pool party, all the children were called inside to eat lunch and the lifeguard was sent home. After lunch was served, an adult chaperone noticed that one of the boys was missing. After checking the bathroom and calling for him, someone checked the pool to find him on the bottom. He did not survive.
            During an outdoor social gathering by the pool, Jessica P. Looked down to find her son, motionless, at the bottom of the pool, less than 3 feet from her. She jumped in to pull him out and revived him while other party goers called 9-1-1. He survived, although traumatized by the event. “The most unnerving thing is that no one heard a sound! Drowning is so SILENT!
            While fishing off the end of a dock with their four children, Jerry and Jill turned around to find their 3-year-old son floating, face up and fully clothed, and patiently waiting for someone to help him out of the water. He had been taking swim lessons and had practiced this many times before this event transpired, so he just reacted the way he had been trained to do so.
            If you have children, accidents happen. Children of all ages have the opportunity to be in and around water. Prepare your children, because you love them, because it is only a matter of seconds between an accident and a tragedy.
The previous stories are true, with names and some specifics altered to protect the privacy of those involved.