It’s Week 3 in our series of things we wish parents knew before the start of swim lessons.  This time we want you to

Watch From A Safe Distance. That means the viewing area.  If your child is really crying, preferably the back of the viewing area.  You would think the sight of you would reassure him.  Unfortunately the only thing he wants from you is the reassurance you are going to come and get him, pronto!  Unless you are walking towards him with a towel, it’s best to play least in sight.  Many an instructor has spent long, long minutes singing nursery rhymes, making funny faces and noises, to finally be rewarded by a small moment of silence or even a smile.  Then, the child spots his parent and it’s back to square one.  Square one is not a happy place.  Please don’t make us go there.

Next week we finish up with Staying the Course.