The weather was hot, the water was wet, the pool was as full as it could get.

We gathered together for fun in the sun, all to say “Thanks!” to our fab patrons.

Ryan and his band The Early Risers came, and they rocked, yeah, they rocked you like a hurricane.

Captain Jack sauntered in with a pirate swagger, Made balloon swords and called for a lager.

Our instructors risked all for the sake of charity
As water balloon targets to help JACK D!***

The hot dogs were grillin’
The lemonade was flowin’
The bounce house was hoppin’
And the games were rollin’

So thanks to our staff who volunteered so generously,
And thanks to all of you, our wonderful ASC families!

*** We are collecting donations all week to benefit Jack D., a 4 year old former swimmer at Academy Swim Club who was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer.  For more info visit www.JacksAngels.org.