Over seventy kids competed last Saturday (Nov. 7th) for the gold.  At the end of the day everyone was a winner with the love and joy from their parents and a medal around their neck.  It was clear that the support of the parents truly inspired each young child, they wanted to impress their parents and earn that hug at the end of the race; and each and every child did!  Every parent was overjoyed at the child’s abilities in the water, even if the instructor held the child the entire way across the pool, the parent still could not be happier or more proud of their son or daughter.
We all know how important it is to be present at your child’s activities, no matter how seemingly insignificant they are.  Especially in the field of competition a child needs to see their parent and know that no matter what, win or loose, finish or not, their father or mother will be there to love them.  At our facility this is all we see, loving parents who enjoy putting their child’s needs and wants before their own.  I am sure Saturday night could have been filled with many other activities, but our parents decided to watch their children swim from one end of the pool to the other, and I am sure not one of them regretted it.
Prior to the swim meet one of our instructors observed this first hand.   Here is Reagan’s story:
“Ariana was an Octopus and really wanted to move up to a Seahorse.  She would   switch between great arms and great rollovers but not both at the same time.  We worked on this for several weeks.  At the end of one lesson she asked if her dad cold come in and swim with her.  So we planned for this to happen.  That following Thursday dad came in his suit with Ariana and swam with me.  The three of us practiced together; she would reach with great arms to her father while I helped with the rollover part.  So on a crowded Thursday Ariana’s father and I went back and forth with Ariana in the deep end.  She loved impressing her father and seeing his big smile whenever she did something right.  He was so supportive.  It was the first time a parent had been in the water for a long time.  Both Ariana and dad enjoyed the lesson and a couple of weeks later she moved up to a Seahorse!”