By Jenny Wise

There’s no getting around the fact that summer is better when you have a pool. That said, installing a pool in your backyard that is safe, compliant, and enjoyable requires careful planning. Not only do you need to think about what type of pool will work best for your family, but you also need to put it in the right spot, ensure that the area surrounding it is secure, and take any other precautions necessary. Today, Academy Swim Club shares some pointers on how you can install a pool the right way!

Decide Between In-Ground or Above-Ground

The first order of business will be to determine what type of pool to invest in. Will you be using the pool to make your property look better? Will you be using it for your exercise routine or simply to keep the family entertained? Or maybe you want to give your home’s resale value a boost—which can work as long as you keep track of the progress through receipts and photos.

In-ground pools are definitely ideal for exercise, looks, and resale value, though they require more planning and money. But if you choose to go with an in-ground pool, research the restrictions in your area to ensure the installation is compliant. And go through the costs to make sure you have the budget for it. It can cost at least $38,000 to install an in-ground pool. But you also have to factor in maintenance expenses, which vary, depending on the size, style, and water volume of the pool.

Choose the Location

Another important step in installing a pool is picking the right spot for it. You want it to be convenient for entertaining, but most of all, it must be safe. For instance, you don’t want to install your pool under a lot of trees and other hazards. If you determine that you need to put your pool in an area with trees surrounding it, you can get a tree removal service to take out any trees that could pose a threat.

These services can also trim branches so that the pool has more exposure to sunlight. Search for tree removal services to see comparable professionals in your area. You’ll find that these pros use all the right equipment, tools, and gear. When comparing tree removal services, look at testimonials and online reviews, and interview at least three different contractors before hiring someone.

Leave Time for Planning

There are certain times of the year that work best for installing a pool. For example, if you want it to be ready to go for summer, consider putting your pool in during spring. If you live in an area that gets excessive rain, you may want to install your pool during the fall to avoid flooding. The fall can be ideal for installing a pool because of the mild, more predictable weather.

Also, consider the construction and manufacturing industries. Materials will take longer than normal to arrive, and you may have to wait longer for contractors to do the actual installation. Moral of the story: leave plenty of time for the process.

Fence Your Pool

There are many things you can do to make the area around your pool safe and secure. One of the most practical measures you can take is to install a fence — specifically a fence designed to help prevent children from accessing the pool unattended. Not only will this help keep children and pets out of the pool when there is no adult supervision, but it can also keep pests away. Moreover, adding a fence can provide your family with more privacy.

In addition to a fence around your pool, you need to invest in a sturdy gate and a safety lock. Lastly, consider purchasing a pool alarm, which will alert you if anyone accidentally falls into the pool. Make sure you research your local pool alarm laws before you purchase one to ensure that you have all the necessary bases covered.

Swimming Lessons For Children

As a parent, it’s vital to ensure your children are swim trained before opening your pool. Look for local swim lessons to get them taught by a professional. If it’s during the summer, dropping them off for lessons at Academy Swim Club can be a great way to get some time for yourself. Once they’re trained, always be sure they have constant adult supervision when swimming at home.

Have a Party!

Now that you have your pool, it’s time to use it! For a fun change of pace, have a swimming party and invite your neighbors (as well as your children’s friends). You can even create posters to celebrate the event! To save money and put your children’s creativity to use, use a tool to create your poster using pre-existing templates. This is a great way to allow your children to express themselves, as well. You could also use this opportunity to post your swimming safety rules for all to see.

Chances are you don’t need to be sold on the benefits of installing a pool in your yard. But it’s critical that you consider what it takes to do it the right way. Along with considering the tips above, keep looking into other factors involved in putting in a pool. That way, you can ensure your family stays safe and gets the most out of their summer pool experience.

Academy Swim Club is here to teach swimming and water safety to your children.