At-Home Lessons

2024 At-Home Lesson Registration Opens April 20th, for June 1st Season Start Date!

Sometimes, children need some extra security by being in a familiar setting when introduced to emotional and physical challenges – learning to swim, with a stranger!  Our At-Home Lessons could be a great alternative.  Additionally, with Safety as our #1 focus, your instructor will focus some of their teaching on learning to ‘play safer’ in and around your own pool! 

So, why not save time, traveling expenses (and risks), all while avoiding crowds. Have one of our highly trained, professional swim teachers come to you in the comfort of your own home! 

Our instructors are insured for the practice of teaching at your home, as well as vetted through multiple background checks to give you an added layer of security! 


'Safety Swim' Guarantee

If your child (3+ years old) cannot jump in, back float and swim back to the wall by the end of their 12th, 30-minute private lesson, we’ll give up to four 30-minute private lessons FREE to help get that accomplished!

*See ‘At-Home Lesson Liability Waiver’ for exclusions.

Money Saving Tip

Grab a cousin, friend or neighbor and sign up for a 60-minute lesson package!

Money Saving Tip

Grab a cousin, friend or neighbor and sign up for a 60-minute lesson package!

Private Lessons – 30 Minutes

1 Swimmer

Semi-Private Lessons – 30 Minutes

2 Swimmers

*No Safety Swim Guarantee offered in this Semi-Private package.*

Private or Semi-Private Lessons – 60 Minutes

1 – 4 swimmers, time split evenly

*Safety Swim Guarantee offered to swimmer in Private, 60-minute 6 lesson package*



  • Avoid travel and crowds, leaving you in a much safer environment
  • Access to our warm, indoor pool to transfer your lesson when weather is cold or ‘gloomy’. This allows you to never skip a beat!
  • Registration is valid for one year. This means you have access to lessons at our indoor pool year round.
  • Learn about safety in the pool most often used by your children
  • Teachers are insured & background checked
  • Supporting a local, family owned small business 


  • Pool must be a minimum of 86°
  • Pool must be cleaned and properly maintained with chemicals
  • Residence must be located in the Santa Clarita OR Antelope Valley
  • Must supply your own toys and teaching tools requested by instructor to get the most out of each lesson
  • Pets must be kept away from pool at all times 

Make Up Policy

Makeups for cancellations, with less than 24 hours notice, will incur a $10 fee for 30-minute lessons, and a $15 fee for 60-minute lessons.  Any makeups for cancellations with less than 12 hours notice, will incur a fee of half of the lesson price.  Lessons that are missed without notice, will incur the full lesson fee, with no makeup available.  All makeup fees will be automatically charged to the card on file.  This is to ensure our instructors, and their valuable time, receive some form of payment each week.

ALL LESSONS WILL EXPIRE BY SEPTEMBER 30th! Please get all lessons completed before then as there will be no credit for any remaining classes past this point.

Founder, Nikki, and son, Garrett, 1991.

Founder, Nikki, and son, Garrett, 1991.

Come back April 20th, 2024 to register & find your class.


Q: “I filled out the registration form. When will I hear back?”
A: We operate on a first come, first serve basis based on the availability of our instructors. If you haven’t heard from anyone within 10 days of registering, please contact athome@swim4life.com

Q: “Who do I contact regarding my child’s progress?”
A: Your instructor should be updating you on how your child is going after every class.

Q: “Is there a designated age range, or skill limit?”
A: No! We teach all ages, and skill levels! Whether the swimmer is 3 months, or 99 years old, our instructors are certified and able to adjust to your swim goals.

Q: “When I log into the JackRabbit Portal it shows I am in a Monday class. Why is this?”
A: Disregard this booking. The JackRabbit portal is only being used for payments this year and the class you see is purely a placement class for organization on our end. All scheduling is done in MarketBox.



If you are not satisfied with any lesson, let us know that day and we will give you another lesson, FREE!