So you’ve made the decision to stick with swim lessons for at least 3 lessons, but your work is not done yet. . .  

Keep Calm and Carry On. Your attitude will set the tone for all the lessons to follow.  Try to stay cheerful and moderately excited, as if you and your child were having an outing in the park.  Your child is tuned into your feelings and looks to you for security.  If you are nervous, tense, worried, unsure, you can bet she will be, too.  If you treat the lesson as normal, safe and possibly fun, she’ll have an easier time believing it – it just may take a few lessons first.

Next week we’ll discuss Watching from a Safe Distance.

*** Interesting side note:  The slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On” was first thought up by some bright bulb British civil engineer around 1939 or thereabouts.  The British Ministry of Information released a couple of morale boosting propaganda posters during the early years of WWII, but was saving this one in the case of invasion by Germany.  Luckily, it was never distributed for it’s original purpose.