This time of year we enroll a lot of new swimmers and many parents wonder what they need to bring to lessons. Here is a handy checklist to help you prepare.

Can’t Live Without:

A swimsuit and towel (you’d be surprised how often these are forgotten at home).

Hair bands to tie back long hair.

TWO health department approved swim diapers (children under 36 months). They are reuseable and cut like underpants with elastic around the waist and leg openings that fit your child snugly. They are available for purchase at our front desk. Children under three must wear TWO swim diapers. Little Swimmers can be worn as well, but they still must wear two reusable swim diapers.

Nice to Have:

Waterproof toy. Some children feel more secure if they can bring something from home into the pool.

Shampoo/body wash and lotion. All of our showers are equipped with liquid soap, and soap showers are required before entering the pool, but feel free to use your own soap from home if you prefer. Also, we recommend washing with soap after a lesson to decrease itchy, dry skin. website seo analysis If this is an issue for your child, lotion will help as well. Many parents shampoo their child’s hair at that time and dispense with the need for a bath later.

Blow Dryer. Electrical outlets are located in our bathrooms if you would like to dry your child’s hair before leaving the building.

Snack. Moving through water makes you tired and hungry so you might want to pack something for your child to eat when they get out of the pool.