Over the summer most of our staff (along with the rest of the planet) saw this little movie called The Avengers.  Thumbs up from everyone here at ASC , by the way.  What’s not to love?  A bunch of attractive super heroes, each with a unique skill set, working together to save the world.  In examining those skills, it occurred to me that, put’em together, they’d make an awesome swim instructor.  Over the next few weeks we’re going to showcase the unique quality each member possesses that would make him (or her!) a valuable addition to Academy Swim Club.

Iron Man: What he brings to the team – Equipment. Tony Stark has all the cool toys.  Each has a purpose, but most can be adapted to other uses.  We’ve got our own toy box full of barbells and dumbbells and belts.  Our instructors have found more uses for them than WD-40.  Even our playtime toys serve a purpose.  A simple game of catch with a ball or rocket is actually a trust building exercise that strengthens the bond between instructor and swimmer – and that’s worth more than Stark Industries when you’ve got a weepy 3 year old at his first swim lesson.

Next week – Thor brings down the hammer.