Our Super Swim Instructor is coming together nicely – he’s got the right tools for the job and the confidence to inspire.  What other quality could the Avengers loan our hero?  It comes from a surprising source . . .

The Hulk: What he brings to the team – Control. Okay, the big guy may lack a little in the self-control department, but Bruce Banner – he’s got it in spades.  No matter how much you love kids or how satisfying you find teaching them to swim, every now and then one is going to frustrate you.    The ability to control your frustration and stress level is a necessary component of any teacher, because if anyone could change you in to a giant green rage monster, a two year old riding a sugar high and cranky before her nap would do it.

We’re halfway through the members of the Avengers and we’ve still got three hero qualities to go.  Next week Captain America lays it out for us.