What merits the word amazing?  Is it an “A” on a homework assignment, a beautiful sunset, a newborn child, or a baby going underwater for the first time?

At Academy Swim Club anything can be amazing!  But what is most remarkable is a child’s joy and power once they have conquered their fear of water.  It is truly amazing to see their attitude change from terror and panic to respect and admiration for water.  They begin to see water as a useful tool for playing, exercising, and surviving rather than a scary device that will only cause harm.

For the past 30 we have experienced this amazing transformation of fear to respect in over 40,000 children and babies.  We have watched them grow from one level to the next overcoming and mastering strokes, breathing techniques, safety techniques and basic water survival skills.   At the end of their training they leave Academy Swim with a love and joy abut swimming and a new intelligence about interacting with the water.  It is our mission that every child experiences this momentous conversion.