Showers are necessary for the health and protection of our students and instructors.  Chlorine is a very efficient sanitizer for bacteria and germs.  However, the combination of chlorine and ammonia (in both urine and sweat) creates chloramines, which are more difficult to remove from the water.  The result is when students open their eyes underwater, they burn, and when instructors are teaching in the water for 5-8 hours a day, they get a rash. 

When we enforce the shower policy for everyone, we don’t have these problems.

Does your child’s hair smell like chlorine after you get home?  Since there is more bacteria in hair than anywhere else on the body, chlorine adheres to it to remove the bacteria.  Be sure to shower your child’s hair to remove bacteria, and the hair will absorb the clean shower water rather than the chlorine water; and the chlorine will not need to bind to the hair to remove its bacteria. 

Thank you for helping us keep our pool so clean that health inspectors have told us that ours is the only public pool they would let their family swim in!