Most children take swimming lessons for a few weeks, or even a few months during the summer only.  This is fun and convenient, as the pool is a nice place to cool down and have some fun, and Mom or Dad can get a tan while they wait.  However, there are many benefits to swimming year-round.

            A Lifesaving Skill.  Children are drawn to water and need every layer of protection they can get.  Teaching this vital skill is like fencing your pool or locking your doors that open out to the pool.  Every layer of protection may help buy you time to save your child’s life!

            A Lifelong Skill.  Everyone can see the difference between a child who takes lessons a few months, or even weeks, out of the year and the child who has developed swimming skills with year-round lessons.  The thrashing, splashing and wasted energy is quite evident.  It may not even matter to the parents, until the unskilled child gets tired, panics, or finds him/herself in a predicament they are not accustomed to.  The skilled swimmer usually finds their way through these predicaments without incident.  An excellent swim program is one that teaches children how to help themselves when they panic, and push them to gain the confidence in doing so.

            A Growth in Confidence.  Consistency and repetition is vital to steady growth and confidence. Your child’s progress grows exponentially when skills are learned, defined, refined and repeated.  When progress grows, confidence, skills and proper habits are developed.  When practice stops abruptly, skills and confidence are lost.  Would you even think of putting your child in piano lessons or karate for 6-8 weeks a year, hoping to gain great skills or confidence?  Enrolling in lessons year-round will prove incredible results.  Your child can be confident in having learned swim skills that will last a lifetime.

            A Sensible Investment.  Even you will be confident that your time and money were well spent, and you will be amazed at the growth and progress made.  Year-round swimming is an Investment that will benefit all in the long run.  A few years of consistent swim lessons is better than a decade of Summer swim lessons – “Just Keep Swimming”!