Life Saving:

  • With drowning being the #1 cause of accidental death for children under five, in the state of CA, formal swim lessons can reduce the risk of droning by 88%
  • Our Water Safety Program will help your children know what they can do to help with another swimmer is in trouble, avoiding a double drowning

Water resistance:

  • Water weighs 8lbs per gallon. Moving through water is like lifting weights – the safe way!
  • Improves strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • Compared to exercise on land, the same level of fitness can be attained in up to ½ the time! Water can be from 4 to 44 times more resistant than air, depending on how hard you work.
  • Even athletes train in water because it produces resistance for every muscle group.
  • Immersion in any water, chest deep, increases endurance. Hydrostatic pressure creates a compression on the chest wall, added to the increased blood volume, making it harder to breathe; about 60% harder when immersed to the neck.  This strengthens all respiratory muscles, lowers stress hormones and turns out better land based performance and endurance

Low Impact:

  • Swimming and exercising in water is low impact on joints – reducing injuries that other sports produce.
  • Virtually no impact, as gravity is reduced to 10% of that on land.

Physical Health:

  • Multiple studies link moderate exercise with improved immune system function, making those more resistant to both the cold and flu
  • When you sit or stand in warm water to your neck, buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure increase your flow of blood, while simultaneously decreasing your heart rate
  • Cardiac output is up to 30% higher. This is good for every organ in your body, including your skin, and for increased peripheral circulation.
  • Warm water lowers blood pressure for all individuals, even those with hypertension. Arterial blood vessels relax when adjusting to increased blood circulation. 
  • Swimming is one of the best whole body workouts, especially for small children. It incorporates all major muscle groups plus cardio! 
  • Allows newborn’s to move and improve motor skills well before being able to crawl or walk

Cognitive Function:

  • Griffith University Study shows that children that participated in swimming lessons exhibited higher school readiness
  • Sweden Sahlgrenska University Hospital concluded that children who regularly exercised to improve their heart and lung health and lung capacity, have higher IQ scores
  • One study of adults in mid-life and later life showed that after the six months of moderate exercise, several cognitive functions improved, including multitasking, cognitive flexibility, information processing efficiency and selective attention. Researchers speculate that the positive effects could come from improved blood flow to the brain.

Mental Health:

  • Recent studies show that exercise improves body image, therefore, boosting Self Esteem
  • Exercise also stimulates the creation of new brain cells and enhances mood
  • Another new study confirms that exercise is the leading factor in preparing the brain to cope with stress in a calm manner


So get your children swimming; it boosts their immune system, self-image, confidence, mood, intelligence and ability to handle stress!  Enroll today!