Swim Instructor


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Swim Instructor with Academy Swim Club! 

This is most definitely not like your average job – it’s a FUN job!  Here you will be working with kids hands-on, in a fun, playful setting, teaching them a skill that they will be able to carry with them throughout their entire lives.  You will be DIRECTLY impacting your students lives in such a positive way. You will be their role-models, friends, teachers and swim buddies. But, most importantly, you will be teaching them a LIFE SAVING skill.  With drowning being the #1 cause of accidental death in children under the age of 5, you will most likely be saving a child’s life. So, come experience the joys and benefits of working with students of all ages at Academy Swim Club!

**About 🔱

At Academy Swim Club, our pool water is always kept at a comfortable 92° and we are indoors, which means you can teach for us year-round! We are very flexible with adjusting working hours, so, if you’re going to school we will have no problem adjusting your shifts/hours around your school schedule each semester. As a family owned business that has been in this industry for over 35 years, we have perfected our teaching strategies and will give you the confidence and expert swim teaching instruction skills through our certification process. 


**Wages 💰

Adults 18+ years old:
Starting at $18.00 per/hour, up to $25 per/hour
*Maintain pay by obtaining certifications above before deadline*
*Raise available at 6 month performance review and 3x per year after*

Minors <18 years old:
Starting at $15.00 per/hour
*Increase pay by obtaining certifications listed above*

**Bonuses 🤑

– $600 Signing Bonus, adults 18+ years old
– $200 Signing Bonus, minors <18 years old
– Additional bonus opportunities available 3x per year, depending on performance review.

**Benefits 🎁

– Fun team atmosphere and team appreciation events
– Free food during shifts and free food gift cards at each monthly staff meeting
– Employee Assistance Program – Free professional services, counseling and brand item discounts up to 25%
– Flexible schedule and stable hours
– Full-Time Employees (32+ h/p/w) earn: Monthly Health Benefit allowance of $200 (after 4 months); Paid Time Off (after 1 year); and SIMPLE IRA matching (after 2 years).

**Requirements 🧜

– GREAT ATTENDANCE; your kids depend on it!
– Available to attend mandatory monthly Wednesday night staff meetings 7:30p-10:00p (1st & 2nd Wednesday of the month only)
– Available to work week days and at least one weekend day: Saturday or Sunday
– Pass a drug test (including marijuana), fingerprint through DOJ and, if over 18, a background check
– Passionate about teaching & working with children
– Must be patient and love kids
– Ability to work in the water for long periods
– Great attitude and willingness to be coached
– The ability to focus in a fast-paced environment
– Embrace our core values: Respect, Attitude, Teamwork

**Certifications and Skills 🔖

Certifications obtained through our company:

Before hire:
1. Instructor Certification: 40 hours of hands-on experience to provide basic swim instruction. This is unpaid but you will receive a SIGNING BONUS $$$ (see **Bonuses)

After hire:
1. Infant Certification: knowledge & skills provided to teach those <24 months old
2. Red Cross Lifeguard/CPR/First Aid/AED Certification: class offered for a fee and reimbursed after 8 months employment
3. Dolfun & Upper Level Certification: knowledge & skills provided to swim & teach all strokes & skills
4. Special Needs: knowledge & skills provided to teach low & high functioning special needs students

*No experience or certifications required for hire*


**Responsibilities and Duties ⛑

– Instruct students of all ages to swim using ASC curriculum and teaching techniques
– Focus lessons around water safety by teaching life-saving skills
– Attend all scheduled shifts on time
– Provide quick verbal feedback of students progression to parents
– Develop and maintain a positive relationship with all students, patrons, staff and directors
– Keep all student’s notes and levels updated, as well as take attendance for your shift
– Maintain all certifications
– Maintain a clean and safe working environment
– Smile and have fun during your entire shift 😀



If you are not satisfied with any lesson, let us know that day and we will give you another lesson, FREE!
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