ASC COVID Response

Safety for our Patrons and Employees is our #1 priority. Please review these changes and precautions we have made for all to have a safe and fun experience.

  • All surfaces disinfected daily
  • All staff wear protective masks or waterproof face shields/masks
  • All patrons are required to wear masks while in our facility, regardless of vaccination status
  • Plexi-glass PVC partitions made for student safety while in the water
  • Hand sanitizer provided upon entry
  • Parent Portal and APP enhanced for contactless account control

July 2020

I wanted to express OUR HEARTFELT THANKS for your continued support during these unprecedented times, and gratitude for your understanding, flexibility, and loyalty, both now, and in the coming months, as we start to adapt, together, to the changes we will all be making in our lives to continue to keep our community safe.


The last few months have been extraordinary.  We’ve been helping those in need, checking in on those who are isolated, collecting donations for several local charities, and making lots of changes here.  We all understand that normal now has a new definition, which may be different for all of us, and for different reasons.  At Academy Swim Club, we know we are saving lives by teaching our children life-saving skills.  The new normal for most of us is overwhelming and distracting, leaving our children at risk for drowning.  In some states, the current drowning rate has already surpassed 2019 totals, so we are anxious to get back to our jobs.  


At ASC, our new normal not only follows CDC & LA Health Department guidelines, but we’ve gone further.  We know there is no foolproof method in public to protect us all, but we’ve taken time to listen to you and our staff in changing our traffic patterns, pool sectioning, and teaching methods, among other things, each adding an extra layer of protection as we continue our #1 Priority of protecting the health and safety of our patrons and our staff. 


Secondary to that, we know this pandemic has had a strong and lasting economic impact on most of us, including us, and we have gone to great expense to make these necessary and important changes, without raising our rates at this time, as we know you are probably in the same boat.  So, we welcome you back, whenever you are ready, and we look forward to practicing this new normal together!  Please watch our Opening video to see some of the changes we’ve undergone, but we are certainly open to hearing any other concerns you may have.

Nikki Miller

President, Academy Swim Club



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