It’s time to wrap up our super swim instructor.  He’s cool, he’s confident, he’s in control – but he still needs that certain something.  The last two members of the Avengers bring it.

Hawkeye: What he brings to the team – Focus. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but we’re going to stick with the obvious here.  When it comes to kids and water, you have to watch them like, well, a hawk.

Black Widow: What she brings to the team – Psychology. Okay, super spy and assassin doesn’t exactly scream instructor of the year to me either.  But one thing I realized after watching the movie was that Natasha Romanov’s super power wasn’t in her fighting.  It was in her ability to get people to open up and talk to her. Some instructors are goofy, some are quiet, some are more energetic than a bolt of lightning – but they all have their sneaky little ways of gaining a child’s trust and cooperation.

Combine all of those qualities and you’ll have yourself one super swim instructor.  So, to all of our ASC instructors, consider this a big, sloppy, wet one right on your cheek.  We are so grateful you are here, fighting the good fight against childhood drowning.  You really are our heroes.