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Employment Video Application

To be eligible for an in-person interview, you will first need to submit a video answering one quick question.  This will help all of us save time, produce fewer emissions, plus, you can do this from the comfort of your own home!

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Employment Application

Employment Application

Academy Swim Club prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, citizenship, color, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran's status or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.

First & Last
Friend or Job Board Site
i.e. Google Docs/Sheets, Excel, Photography, Sales, Swim Instruction & Knowledge, Communication, Leadership, etc.
(Current hours of operation. Click all that apply. Some shift hours may be adjusted. If both AM & PM, shift will be adjusted to reflect 8 hours.)
(Current hours of operation. Click all that apply. Some EVENING & WEEKEND SHIFTS REQUIRED. Shift hours will be adjusted to reflect 6-8 hours, opening or closing.)
(Ex: 25-32 hours p/w)
What Camp Sessions can you cover?

Employment Status

Please list information about your current or most recent employer first. You must account for the past 3 years or the time since you completed school, whichever is shorter.


Work Authorization

Additional Questions

1st Wed. night of the month (all staff) 8:00p-10:00p; 2nd Wed. night 7:30p-8:30p (instructors only)
(Something you do very well - does not need to be employment related)
Please list your availability over the next few days.

Professional References

Individuals NOT related to you

Drug and Alcohol Policy

The company has a vital interest in maintaining a Drug and Alcohol free environment for it's employees and, therefore, the company prohibits the use of, possession of, distribution of, purchase or sale of, transfer of, customers trafficking in, and working or reporting for work under the influence of intoxicants, drugs or controlled or illegal substances (including MARIJUANA). Applicants for employment may undergo a pre-certification drug and alcohol screening as a condition of employment. Random alcohol and drug testing may also occur during employment and failure to comply will result in immediate termination of employment.

Please Read and Sign

To the best of my knowledge, the answers set forth above are true and complete. I understand that any false statement shall be considered cause for rejection of my application, or if employed, dismissal. I authorize previous employers to release all information concerning my job history, and release them and Academy Swim Club from any legal recourse from these conversations.

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

***If you have any job skill relatable experience (e.g. Lifeguard/CPR Cert., proficient at swimming all 4 strokes, scheduling, etc.), what is your desired, or required, hourly wage based off our wage range?



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