By: Jenny Wise

5 Reasons You Should Be Exercising With Your Kids Every Day

Between a busy work schedule and family responsibilities, it can be tricky for parents to find the time for fitness. Video games and television can make kids reluctant to workout too. But fitness plays a critical role in all of our physical and mental health. So what’s a busy parent to do? Why not try working out with your kids! Creating a fitness routine for your family is one of the most basic ways to keep everyone healthy. Need more motivation? Here are five essential reasons you should be exercising more with your kids:    

You’re Guaranteed to Have More Energy 

Keeping up with your own schedule can be enough to drain your energy, but keeping up with kids can be even more tiring. These energy-boosting tips can help parents be more productive and stay focused throughout their busy days, and exercise is definitely on the list! Daily physical activity will lead to getting even more done, but be sure to check in with your doctor before you begin a new fitness routine. Fatigue can be a sign of an underlying health issue and you don’t want to worsen your symptoms. When you do get started, consider a low-impact workout like swimming, walking or biking to help get everyone used to moving. 

Exercise Can Equal Better Mental Health 

In addition to boosting your energy, exercising with your kids can also boost your mental health. You may already know that exercise increases endorphins in your brain. Recent studies, however, also show that daily workouts combat feelings of depression for adults and children. Activity also enhances brain development and condition, resulting in better mental health at all ages. So next time you go to the gym, take the kids along with you. Hit the basketball courts together or go for a nice, long swim. As an added bonus, swimming is an effective total-body workout and it’s so much fun for your family. 

Staying Active Will Keep You All Having Fun 

Stress seems to be a part of our everyday lives, but stress can be overwhelming for parents. Kids feel the pressure to, from school, classmates and social media. So how can you de-stress as a family? Exercise. Physical fitness provides a positive, fun way to relieve stress. In particular, swimming can have the same relaxation effects as yoga and meditation, without requiring your kids to sit still or be silent for extended periods of time. Relieving tension for your entire family is great way to keep everyone happy and having fun together. 

Fitness is a Natural Self-Esteem Booster 

Teens and children struggle with their self-esteem. Pressure from the media and friends can leave even young children feeling less than stellar about themselves. Self-esteem struggles can be present in adulthood too, but fitness can help break the poor confidence cycle. Teaching children to take care of their bodies is an important step in boosting their overall self-esteem and mental health. Even better, playing sports and working out with your kids gives you the chance to teach them other valuable self-esteem lessons like how to learn from failure and that you are proud of their efforts. 

You Can Teach Kids Life-Saving Skills

If you think exercise is all fun and games, you may want to think again. Certain exercises such as swimming and hiking can also impart valuable skills onto your children that will keep them safe throughout life. When you enroll your children in swim lessons and practice with them, they are also learning first-aid and water safety procedures. 

Hiking can teach important outdoor safety tips as well. Those are lessons they will keep with them for the rest of their lives and skills that may even help them save a life. Since exercise can also allow children and adults to live longer lives, you’re doubling the positive effects by swimming or hiking together. 

Working out with your kids is an excellent way to ensure your entire family sticks to a regular exercise routine. Staying connected through daily exercise is a great way to stay happy, healthy and having fun as a family! 

Photo Credit: Pexels