Private Lessons (3 Years – Adult)

One-on-one, private lessons are the most efficient way to learn to swim for any age, but they are especially recommended for the fearful or very shy child. Individualized attention allows instructors to focus on skills needed, and breeze through those skills more easily attained or already mastered by the student.

We teach fearful beginners through triathlon competitors. Our primary goal is to teach our students how to relax, appreciate and love the water. We are more interested in the quality of the stroke than speed, for as the stroke improves, it becomes easier, and speed naturally increases.

Our approach is firm, but gentle and loving, and we never push the fearful child. We invite you to come to our indoor facility, get a friendly and informative personal tour, and watch any lessons at any time. Lessons are 25 minutes long, with time at the end for Instructors to update you each lesson on your childs progress and needs. Students who graduate earn beautiful charms and they get to choose toys from our “Treasure Chest.”

Year ‘round Lessons are recommended for young children who are starting a swimming program. Drowning is the #1 cause of childhood death in children under the age of five in California. Weekly visits to the pool will instill respect and safety skills when they are in or around any body of water and add to the Layers of Protection against drownings. Remember, the only 100% preventative measure against a childhood drowning is the constant visual supervision from a qualified adult.

Dear Academy,

This summer we went to Disneyland and Hawaii, both a lot of swimming.  I can’t tell you how many people were amazed by the way Timmy and Sofie are swimming.  They are little fish and I honestly owe my deepest thank you and appreciation…
S.A. – Santa Clarita



If you are not satisfied with any lesson, let us know that day and we will give you another lesson, FREE!